8 Ends or the Bell

Two bells will control the end of your game.

First bell

The first bell will be at 1 hour 45 minutes. Any ends already in play will be allowed to continue but no new ends may be started.

Second Bell

A second bell will ring at 2 hours. At this point any stone already in play will be allowed to finish. Then, if one team has then played more stones than the other team one more stone may be delivered so that both teams have played the same number of stones. No more stones may be delivered and the score for the final end is recorded at this point.

The Trust have decided to keep the new rules for the second bell, which were introduced during covid, but to move it back to 2 hours. This will ensure that teams leave the ice after 2 hours and the icemen are able to prepare the ice before the next session. There is at least 15 minutes for the final end, and as long as you have played 15 stones before the second bell then you will be able to complete your end. If play is slow, then you may have to score the final end with fewer stones played.