Gairney Rosebowl

Orwell Ladies chose a uniform of navy trousers with a green sweater. Sarah Goode, a founder member, had connections in the woollen industry and organised for Symbol Sweaters to supply the sweaters and embroider them with the club badge.

Sarah lived with her parents at Gairney House, Cleish, and the family kindly donated the Gairney Rosebowl to be competed for annually.

In this competition, the Jubilee skips would play at lead and everyone else would move up one position.

In 2015, after many years of discussion, the format of the competition was changed and separated into 2 leagues, one for leads and seconds and the other for skips and thirds.

Winners – Skips at Lead

1978-79Janie BuchananLinda BayneAnne BayneMargaret Nelson
1979-80Heather TurnbullLily HallMary Paterson (G)Gay Deas
1980-81Susie BallantyneAnne BayneBetty SilveraJessmay Fleming
1981-82Anne BayneMary PatersonMay CarrieEdna Nelson
1982-83Lyn BaillieMary PatersonMay CarrieJane Smith
1983-84Susie BallantyneJean BlackwoodBetty SilveraEdna Nelson
1984-85Edna NelsonAnne TraceyZella DoigJane Smith
1985-86Marion ForresterRita WilsonZella DoigElma McCulloch
1986-87Wilma BrownlieJessie LawrieHilda LawrieBeryl Harley
1987-88Lyn BaillieJessie LawrieJessie BaillieJane Bruce
1988-89Beryl HarleyKaye BlackMargaret McEwanEdna Nelson
1989-90Margaret NelsonLinda BayneMay CarrieNorma Anderson
1990-91Lizzie MoffatTinky WelwoodLenore KyleElma McCulloch
1991-92Wilma BrownlieJessie LawrieZella DoigLyn Baillie
1992-93Nancy GibbChristine RobertsonJane BruceLizzie Moffat
1993-94Lizzie MoffatJessie AllanJessie LawrieGrace Paterson
1994-95Beryl HarleyJean BlackwoodLenore KyleEdna Nelson
1995-96Margaret NelsonLinda YoungIsobelle Wills-BrownEdna Nelson
1996-97Lizzie MoffatJane BruceMarion ForbesWilma Brownlie
1997-98Beryl HarleyCaroline McGregorSue JonesGrace Paterson
1998-99Caroline McGregorLinda BayneDorothy PollettWilma Brownlie
1999-00Susie BallantyneLenore KyleSheila WillsElma McCulloch
2000-01Margaret NelsonLiz SteelBarbara KingEdna Nelson
2001-02Tinky WelwoodJanie BuchananMary PuntonJane Smith
2002-03Margaret NelsonLiz SteelSue JonesElma McCulloch
2003-04Jane BruceJanie BuchananDorothy PollettEdna Nelson
2004-05Margaret NelsonNancy GibbEmma NivenWilma Brownlie
2005-06Laurie McKerrowSusie BallantyneSusan ScougalMaggie Scott
2006-07Jane BruceNancy GibbAngela WilcoxGrace Paterson
2007-08Lenore KyleMarion ForbesAnne InglisEdna Nelson
2008-09Linda BayneSue CameronAnne InglisEdna Nelson
2009-10Angela WilcoxMarion ForbesAllison PirieJane Smith
2010-11Angela WilcoxMarion ForbesCaroline LiddleJane Smith
2011-12Valerie InglisAllison PirieAnn WhitelawMargaret Nelson
2012-13Angela WilcoxJoan FosterJane DrysdaleValerie Inglis
2013-14Linda BayneBridie GrahamValerie InglisSusan Scougal
2014-15Caroline LiddleCatherine BallantyneLesley JohnstonValerie Inglis

Winners – Leads & Seconds

2015-16Catherine BallantyneLenore KyleJeanne DeanClaire Cole
2016-17Bridie GrahamJane DrysdaleLesley JohnstonJeanne Dean
2017-18Lenore KyleGillian RussellJeanne DeanRosie Goudie

Winners – Skips & Thirds

2015-16Maggie SaundersonEileen ThomasValerie InglisElma McCulloch
2016-17Grace PatersonMaggie SaundersonSusan ScougalEdna Nelson
2017-18Margaret NelsonLiz GlennieLesley BrownSue Cameron