Thistle Cup

The Thistle Hotel in the centre of Milnathort was a well-known hostelry owned and run by Mr. David Mitchell.

Although not a curler himself, he was a great supporter of both Orwell and Orwell Ladies curling clubs. The Thistle was a venue regularly used for curling dinners and courts as well as AGMs and other meetings.

In recognition of their patronage, Mr Mitchell presented the club with the Thistle Cup in 1981.

When first introduced, the competition was played later in the season, after the Jubilee and Gairney, but in 1984 it was moved to the start of the season, after the Opening Bonspiel.

Initially, the teams were divided into 2 leagues, with the winners of each league playing each other in a final. This was changed to a single league in 1988.


1981-82Margaret NelsonLily HallHeather TurnbullRita Wilson
1982-83Norma AndersonAnne BayneJoan BlackwoodCathy Irving
1983-84Grace PatersonElizabeth PatersonAnne BayneJessie Baillie
1984-85Norma AndersonMoray CoughtrieJean BlackwoodZella Doig
1985-86Gay DeasBeryl HartleyTinky WelwoodBetty Silvera
1986-87Jane SmithLyn BaillieZella DoigEve Crombie
1987-88Gay DeasRita WilsonJean BlackwoodMargaret MacEwan
1988-89Edna NelsonSusie BallantyneJean BlackwoodZella Doig
1989-90Gay DeasMoray CoughtrieMargaret NelsonChristine Robertson
1990-91Edna NelsonMargaret NelsonIsobel WatsonBetty McGillivray
1991-92Norma AndersonLizzie MoffatNancy GibbLaurie McKerrow
1992-93Edna NelsonWilma BrownlieKaye PatersonMary Lapsley
1993-94Grace PatersonElma McCullochJessie AllenPolly Harley
1994-95Jane SmithEdna NelsonJean BlackwoodJessie Baillie
1995-96Grace PatersonMargaret NelsonChristine RobertsonLinda Bayne
1996-97Elma McCullochLizzie MoffatMary WilsonAnne Inglis
1997-98Elma McCullochNorma AndersonHester McCullochSheila Wills
1998-99Jane SmithCaroline McGregorSusie BallantyneAnne Inglis
1999-00Elma McCullochCaroline McGregorJessie LawrieL Hessey
2000-01Elma McCullochMargaret NelsonAnne BayneJessie Lawrie
2001-02Edna NelsonJane BruceJanie BuchananLinda Hessey
2002-03Elma McCullochBeryl HarleyAnne BayneDorothy Pollet
2003-04Edna NelsonJane SmithMarion ForbesLiz Steel
2004-05Grace PatersonLinda YoungSusie BallantyneMary Wilson
2005-06Edna NelsonLiz GlennieAnne BayneCathie Hess
2006-07Grace PatersonBeryl HarleyLinda BayneMary Jack
2007-08Laurie McKerrowBeryl HarleyJanie BuchananAngela Wilcox
2008-09Edna NelsonMaggie ScottMarion ForbesMaggie Saunderson
2009-10Elma McCullochMargaret NelsonSue CameronCaroline Liddle
2010-11Wilma BrownlieSusan ScougalMarion ForbesEileen Thomas
2011-12Grace PatersonSue CameronBridie GrahamKathleen Brown
2012-13Elma McCullochAngela WilcoxHester NivenJoan Foster
2013-14Wilma BrownlieJean RobertsonEileen ThomasMarion Forbes
2014-15Valerie InglisMaggie ScottEileen ThomasClaire Cole
2015-16Susan ScougalCaroline LiddleMaggie SaundersonJeanne Dean
2016-17Sue CameronMaggie SaundersonFiona DoigGillian Russell
2017-18Wilma BrownlieCaroline LiddleLinda BayneFrances Algie