Jubilee Plate

1977 was the Silver Jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the year in which Orwell Ladies Curling Club was formed.

Orwell, a long-established men’s curling club, were very encouraging, and presented the newly formed ladies club with a silver salver, known as the Jubilee Plate.

This became the trophy presented to the winning rink of the new club’s main competition, now called the Jubilee Competition. This is played as an annual league among as many teams as the club can support.


1977-78Elma McCullochGay DeasMary WilsonBett Kay
1978-79Jessmay FlemingHeather TurnbullTinky WelwoodFran Holman
1979-80Norma AndersonGrace PatersonMoray CoughtrieIsobel Watson
1980-81Gay DeasElizabeth PatersonJanette CraigEvelyn Crombie
1981-82Edna NelsonJane BruceJean BlackwoodMary Paterson (G)
1982-83Grace PatersonSusie BallantyneMay CarrieZella Doig
1983-84Jane BruceMoray CoughtrieIsobel WatsonSue Taylor
1984-85Norma AndersonBeryl HarleyIsobel WatsonJean Marshall
1985-86Norma AndersonMarion ForresterNancy GibbMargaret McEwan
1986-87Jane SmithMargaret NelsonRita WilsonNina Gavin
1987-88Edna NelsonMoray CoughtrieLiz BayneBetty McGiIIvray
1988-89Grace PatersonJanie BuchananNancy GibbCathy Irving
1989-90Gay DeasMarion ForresterBarbara YoungLenore Kyle
1990-91Lyn BaillieMargaret NelsonLinda BayneShireen Paterson
1991-92Elma McCullochWilma BrownlieNan McArthurSue Jones
1992-93Edna NelsonMarion ForresterChristine RobertsonJessie Baillie
1993-94Elma McCullochJanie BuchananTinky WelwoodLenore Kyle
1994-95Edna NelsonSusie BallantyneNan McArthurLenore Kyle
1995-96Edna NelsonBeryl HarleyLinda YoungMary Wilson
1996-97Edna NelsonLizzie MoffatChristine RobertsonCaroline McGregor
1997-98Wilma BrownlieMargaret NelsonTinky WelwoodSue Jones
1998-99Wilma BrownlieCaroline McGregorJanie BuchananMarion Forbes
1999-00Edna NelsonMargaret NelsonLinda BayneSheila Wills
2000-01Norma AndersonMargaret NelsonLinda BayneMary Wilson
2001-02Norma AndersonLaurie McKerrowAnne BayneMary Punton
2002-03Norma AndersonTinky WelwoodAnne BayneMary Wilson
2003-04Grace PatersonJane BruceSusie BallantyneBarbara King
2004-05Jane SmithBeryl HarleyNancy GibbMary Wilson
2005-06Grace PatersonLaurie McKerrowHester NivenMary Wilson
2006-07Elma McCullochJane BruceSusie BallantyneMarion Forbes
2007-08Laurie McKerrowMargaret NelsonSusie BallantyneKatherine Nicholas
2008-09Laurie McKerrowEmma NivenHester NivenEileen Thomas
2009-10Wilma BrownlieLenore KyleSue CameronBridie Graham
2010-11Wilma BrownlieSue CameronAllison PirieCaroline Liddle
2011-12Gay DeasAngela WilcoxCaroline LiddleJackie McQueen
2012-13Valerie InglisCaroline LiddleBridie GrahamJane Drysdale
2013-14Susan ScougalHester NivenFiona DoigMaggie Saunderson
2014-15Margaret NelsonGay DeasCatherine BallantyneAlicia Hay
2015-16Valerie InglisEdna NelsonAllison PirieClaire Cole
2016-17Edna NelsonCaroline LiddleJane DrysdaleLesley Johnston
2017-18Valerie InglisElma McCullochBridie GrahamChristine Taylor