Jessie Baillie Rosebowl

Jessie Baillie was already a ‘made’ Curler and one of the more senior members when the club was formed. Her family were well known in curling circles and her daughter and daughter-in-law were also members.

In 1983 Jessie Baillie donated a Trophy for a new competition for leads and seconds. The purpose of this competition was to help less experienced players gain confidence in the head.

In 1986, this competition was moved to the evening, and in 1988, due to lack of players, the competition was dropped.

Jessie agreed that her trophy should be awarded to the highest up lead or second in the club points competition. In 1996, the club decided that the trophy should not be won by the same person more than 3 times.

Jessie became the first Honorary Member of Orwell Ladies.

Winners – Leads & Seconds

1982-83Nancy GibbJessie LawrieAnne TraceyMargaret McEwan
1983-84Isabel WatsonLinda BayneChristine TaylorBett Kay
1984-85Rita WilsonBett KayKaye BlackJeannie Marshall
1985-86Kaye BlackNancy GibbHelen NelsonReserve
1986-87Jean BlackwoodKaye BlackReserveReserve
1987-88Jessie LawrieNancy GibbHilda LawrieSue Jones

Winners – Highest Up Lead or Second in Points

1988-89Jean Blackwood27 out of 64
1989-90Linda Bayne27 out of 64
1990-91Linda Bayne33 out of 80
1991-92Lawrie McKerrow27 out of 80
1992-93Lenore Kyle21 out of 80
1993-94Lawrie McKerrow27 out of 80
1994-95Lawrie McKerrow35 out of 80
1995-96Lawrie McKerrow36 out of 80
1996-97Caroline McGregor30 out of 80
1997-98Wilma Lawrie35 out of 80
1998-99Linda Young30 out of 72
1999-00Linda Bayne36 out of 64
2000-01Liz Steel24 out of 64
2001-02Anne Bayne25 out of 64
2002-03Susie Ballantyne30 out of 64
2003-04Barbara King32 out of 64
2004-05Anne Bayne25 out of 64
2005-06Liz Steel29 out of 64
2006-07Marion Forbes35 out of 64
2007-08Angela Wilcox34 out of 72
2008-09Sue Cameron26 out of 80
2009-10Allison Pirie29 out of 72
2010-11Caroline Liddle32 out of 80
2011-12Caroline Liddle34 out of 80
2012-13Jane Drysdale31 out of 72
2013-14Allison Pirie28 out of 72
2014-15Maggie Saunderson31 out of 80
2015-16Allison Pirie34 out of 80
2016-17Fiona Doig31 out of 80
2017-18Allison Pirie29 out of 64