Wooden Spoons (Hog Trophy)

When the club first started, the ladies were sometimes very bad at hogging their stones. In the early days, ice conditions were nowhere near as good as they are now, and this was usually due to the ice being heavy and very misty first thing in in the morning.

In an attempt to stop her team hogging stones, Gay Deas began fining them each time they offended – a silver fine was payable for each hogged stone. At the end of the first season the money collected was used to buy a large wooden fork and spoon, which were presented to the club by Gay and her rink.

These have been presented each year since 1979 to the lowest rink in the Jubilee competition – for being sporting losers.


1978-79Marion ForresterMary WilsonLinda BayneNancy Gibb
1979-80Jane SmithJane BruceJean MarshallMary Paterson (G)
1980-81Janie BuchananWilma BownlieMary WilsonMay Carrie
1981-82Jane SmithSusie BallantyneNancy GibbE Crombie
1982-83Gay DeasAnne BayneJean BlackwoodBarbara Young
1983-84Jane SmithAnne BayneJanette CraigJean Marshall
1984-85Grace PatersonWilma BrownlieNancy GibbJean Blackwood
1985-86Jane SmithMoray CoughtrieRita WilsonJessie Baillie
1986-87Beryl HarleyMoray CoughtrieLinda BayneBarbara Young
1987-88Beryl HarleyMarion ForresterLily HallBarbara Young
1988-89Elma McCullochMargaret NelsonJean BlackwoodJessie Lawrie
1989-90Jane SmithMargaret NelsonJessie LawrieBetty McGillivray
1990-91Norma AndersonJanie BuchananJean BlackwoodSue Jones
1991-92Lyn BaillieMoray CoughtrieChristine RobertsonMay Carrie
1992-93Norma AndersonNancy GibbCathie IrvineShireen Paterson
1993-94Lyn BaillieMarion ForresterNan McArthurMary Lapsley
1994-95Jane SmithJean BlackwoodCaroline McGregorSubs
1995-96Elma McCullochLinda BayneCathie IrvinePolly Harley
1996-97Elma McCullochLinda YoungTinky WellwoodJean Blackwood
1997-98Edna NelsonLinda YoungLinda BayneAnne Inglis
1998-99Jane SmithMargaret NelsonLinda BayneAnne Inglis
1999-00Jane SmithLenore KyleNancy GibbDorothy Pollett
2000-01Elma McCullochCaroline McGregorLenore KyleAnne Inglis
2001-02Jane SmithLinda YoungMarion ForbesSue Jones
2002-03Wilma BrownlieLinda BayneSusie BallantyneJessie Lawrie
2003-04Jane SmithBeryl HarleyLinda BayneSue Jones
2004-05Grace PatersonLaurie McKerrowGay DeasDorothy Pollett
2005-06Elma McCullochBeryl HarleyAnne BayneSue Jones
2006-07Jane SmithTinky WelwoodJanie BuchananAnne Inglis
2007-08Gay DeasCatherine BallantyneHester NivenAnne Inglis
2008-09Grace PatersonLinda BayneLiz SteelFiona Doig
2009-10Grace PatersonCatherine BallantyneMaggie SaundersonFiona Doig
2010-11Gay DeasLenore KyleMarion ForbesFiona Doig
2011-12Laurie McKerrowLesley BrownMarion ForbesFiona Doig
2012-13Grace PatersonCatherine BallantyneAlicia HayKathleen Brown
2013-14Grace PatersonCatherine BallantyneBridie GrahamAnne McGrory
2014-15Wilma BrownlieCaroline LiddleAllison PirieJeanne Dean
2015-16Susan ScougalHester NivenMaggie SaundersonAlicia Hay
2016-17Wilma BrownlieGrace PatersonAllison PirieGillian Russell
2017-18Laurie McKerrowEileen ThomasLenore KyleJeanne Dean