Thomanean Plate

An Opening Bonspiel to start the season was introduced in 1982. All members were encouraged to play in this and they were divided into juniors and seniors (with a very flexible dividing line.

Beryl Harley, a founder member who had completed 5 years as secretary, was residing at Thomanean House at the time, and she presented the Thomanean Plate to the club as the trophy for the annual opening competition.

In 1988, with Beryl’s agreement, the Bonspiel was changed to comprise a President’s team versus a Vice-President’s team, however in 1991 the Juniors versus Seniors format was reinstated. In 2012 the format was changed again – back to President versus Vice-President.

The lunch following the Opening Bonspiel was introduced in 1989 and provides a very sociable start to the season.


1982-83Juniors +8Elma McCullochMoray CoughtrieJanette CraigCathy Irving
1983-84Juniors +6Gay DeasMoray CoughtrieMary PatersonSue Taylor
1984-85Juniors +7Jane BruceEdna NelsonLinda BayneKaye Black
1985-86Juniors +5Gay DeasWilma BrownlieIsobel WatsonMarjorie Busher
1986-87Juniors +10Grace PatersonLyn BaillieRita WilsonHelen Nelson
1987-88Juniors +6Edna NelsonMoray CoughtrieLiz BayneBetty Silvera
1988-89President +2Edna NelsonJanie BuchananLiz Moffat
1989-90President +8Lyn BaillieWilma BrownlieJean Marshall
1990-91Vice-Pres +6Norma AndersonSue JonesJanie BuchananNancy Gibb
1991-92Seniors +1Jane SmithMarion ForresterBeryl HarleyJessie Baillie
1992-93Juniors +21Liz MoffatGrace PatersonChristine RobertsonLaurie McKerrow
1993-94Juniors +16Edna NelsonGrace PatersonChristine RobertsonNan McArthur
1994-95Juniors +6Margaret NelsonLiz MoffatWilma BrownlieIsobelle Wills-Brown
1995-96Seniors +5Edna NelsonBeryl HarleyMary WilsonSheila Wills
1996-97Juniors +4Wilma BrownlieLizzie MoffatLaurie McKerrowAvril Hamilton
1997-98Juniors +10Edna NelsonJanie BuchananMary Wilson
1998-99Seniors +4Edna NelsonBeryl HarleyJanie BuchananDorothy Pollett
1999-00Seniors +17Norma AndersonJane BruceNancy GibbSheila Wills
2000-01Juniors +2Wilma BrownlieMargaret NelsonMary WilsonBarbara King
2001-02Juniors +1Grace PatersonLaurie McKerrowLenore KyleBarbara King
2002-03Juniors +12Elma McCullochLinda YoungSusie BallantyneEmma Niven
2003-04Juniors +11Wilma BrownlieLiz MoffatLenore KyleKaren Lindsay
2004-05Seniors +6Jane SmithJane BruceLiz SteelSue Jones
2005-06Juniors +4Wilma BrownlieMary WilsonMary MorganChristine Painter
2006-07Seniors +17Beryl HarleySusie BallantyneLiz SteelMary Wilson
2007-08Seniors +12Jane SmithSusie BallantyneLiz SteelKatherine Nicholas
2008-09Seniors +3Margaret NelsonLinda BayneMarion ForbesAlicia Hay
2009-10Juniors +6Grace PatersonHester NivenAllison PirieBridie Graham
2010-11Juniors +24Wilma BrownlieSue CameronCaroline LiddleAngela Wilcox
2011-12Juniors +5Laurie McKerrowSue CameronAlicia HayChristine Taylor
2012-13Vice-Pres +13Grace PatersonSue CameronKathleen BrownAllison Pirie
2013-14Vice-Pres +2Wilma BrownlieJean RobertsonKathleen BrownMaggie Saunderson
2014-15President +3Elma McCullochJean RobertsonJane DrysdaleNancy Gibb
2015-16President +9Valerie InglisEdna NelsonSue CainClaire Cole
2016-17President +5Angela WilcoxLinda BayneBridie GrahamGillian Russell
2017-18Vice-Pres +6Valerie InglisAngela WilcoxSue CainMo Robertson