Paterson Rosebowl

The Paterson Rosebowl was presented to the club in April 1995 by Grace Paterson on behalf of the Paterson family.

The trophy was introduced to encourage participation in all competitions. Players get 1 point for playing, 2 points for a peel and 3 for a win for all Tuesday morning competitions. This includes the Opening Bonspiel, Closing Bonspiel, Thistle, Jubilee, Gairney, Pairs and Points. The trophy is presented to the player with the most points at the end of the season.

Friendlies and other competitions do not apply. Any additional club league, played by members only, could be included in the future at the discretion of the committee.


1995-96Edna Nelson / Grace Paterson39
1996-97Jane Smith37
1997-98Caroline McGregor40
1998-99Caroline McGregor40
1999-00Edna Nelson41
2000-01Margaret Nelson49
2001-02Norma Anderson / Anne Bayne38
2002-03Elma McCulloch45
2003-04Edna Nelson38
2004-05Margaret Nelson42
2005-06Laurie McKerrow47
2006-07Wilma Brownlie / Margaret Nelson / Grace Paterson43
2007-08Edna Nelson45
2008-09Edna Nelson42
2009-10Sue Cameron48
2010-11Sue Cameron46
2011-12Grace Paterson55
2012-13Valerie Inglis49
2013-14Susan Scougal
2014-15Eileen Thomas49
2015-16Wilma Brownlie55
2016-17Jane Drysdale54
2017-18Valerie Inglis61