Kirkforthar Cup

The Kirkforthar Potato Company was established and run by Derek McCulloch whose wife, Elma, was a founder member of Orwell Ladies curling Club. Subsequently two of their daughters, Lawrie and Hester, also joined the club.

The Kirkforthar Trophy was donated by the family to be presented to the winner of the annual pairs competition.

The Pairs is a knock-out competition, where a club skip or third plays with a lead or second.

At the AGM in 2012 it was agreed to try a high road and low road format in the pairs. This was trialled for 2 seasons and then dropped.


1977-78Marion ForresterBetty Silvera
1978-79Gay DeasAnne Bayne
1979-80Margaret NelsonNancy Gibb
1980-81Janie BuchananIsabel Watson
1981-82Edna NelsonNancy Gibb
1982-83Marion ForresterNancy Gibb
1983-84Grace PatersonJanet Thomson
1984-85Grace PatersonMay Carrie
1985-86Beryl HarleyLinda Bayne
1986-87Norma AndersonIsabel Watson
1987-88Norma AndersonIsabel Watson
1988-89Janie BuchananNancy Gibb
1989-90Liz MoffatNina Gavin
1990-91Norma AndersonJessie Allan
1991-92Elma McCullochLinda Bayne
1992-93Norma AndersonNancy Gibb
1993-94Jane BruceChristine Robertson
1994-95Edna NelsonCaroline McGregor
1995-96Grace PatersonHester McCulloch
1996-97Edna NelsonTinky Wellwood
1997-98Jane SmithHester McCulloch
1998-99Edna NelsonSue Jones
1999-00Anne BayneLiz Glennie
2000-01Edna NelsonMary Wilson
2001-02Jane BruceLenore Kyle
2002-03Wilma BrownlieLiz Steel
2003-04Margaret NelsonLenore Kyle
2004-05Jane BruceLenore Kyle
2005-06Liz GlennieAlicia Hay
2006-07Anne WhitelawFiona Doig
2007-08Edna NelsonSue Cameron
2008-09Liz GlennieKaren Lindsay
2009-10Margaret NelsonLiz Steel
2010-11Susan ScougalEileen Thomas
2011-12Grace PatersonJoan Foster
2012-13Elma McCullochJackie McQueen
2013-14Laurie McKerrowFiona Doig
2014-15Maggie SaundersonJackie McQueen
2015-16Wilma BrownlieJeanne Dean
2016-17Wilma BrownlieMaggie Saunderson
2017-18Valerie InglisMo Robertson