Kay Quaich

Bett Kay was an enthusiastic founder member of Orwell Ladies Curling Club.

During her Presidential year 1980-1981 she presented the Kay Quaich as a trophy to be awarded to the runner-up in the annual points competition.


1980-81Moray Coughtrie26 out of 56
1981-82Beryl Harley30 out of 48
1982-83Gay Deas30 out of 56
1983-84Norma Anderson28 out of 56
1984-85Edna Nelson38 out of 80
1985-86Norma Anderson35 out of 64
1986-87Grace Paterson27 out of 64
1987-88Norma Anderson36 out of 64
1988-89Norma Anderson42 out of 64
1989-90Susie Ballantyne29 out of 64
1990-91Norma Anderson36 out of 80
1991-92Grace Paterson41 out of 80
1992-93Liz Moffat35 out of 80
1993-94Elma McCulloch37 out of 80
1994-95Gay Deas42 out of 80
1995-96Beryl Harley40 out of 80
1996-97Grace Paterson36 out of 80
1997-98Linda Young40 out of 80
1998-99Edna Nelson39 out of 72
1999-00Tinky Welwood34 out of 64
2000-01Wilma Brownlie36 out of 64
2001-02Edna Nelson33 out of 64
2002-03Edna Nelson34 out of 64
2003-04Laurie McKerrow34 out of 64
2004-05Margaret Nelson32 out of 64
2005-06Margaret Nelson32 out of 64
2006-07Elma McCulloch40 out of 64
2007-08Edna Nelson41 out of 72
2008-09Wilma Brownlie / Margaret Nelson42 out of 80
2009-10Elma McCulloch40 out of 72
2010-11Wilma Brownlie / Grace Paterson34 out of 80
2011-12Edna Nelson36 out of 80
2012-13Wilma Brownlie34 out of 72
2013-14Edna Nelson39 out of 72
2014-15Margaret Nelson / Eileen Thomas35 out of 80
2015-16Susan Scougal31 out of 80
2016-17Wilma Brownlie39 out of 80
2017-18Wilma Brownlie / Angela Wilcox33 out of 64