Wharlawhill Cup

Jeannie Marshall was one of the founder members of Orwell Ladies and the first Vice-President of the club.

Her family were long established dairy farmers at Wharlawhill Farm , Carnbo and they donated this trophy in 1979 to be played for annually.

The Closing Bonspiel is traditionally the members from the town against the members from the country and the trophy is presented to the highest up rink on the winning side.


1978-79Town +16Elma McCullochGay DeasMoray CoughtrieJane Bruce
1979-80Country +5Janie BuchananSusie BallantyneLinda BayneJessie Baillie
1980-81Town +5Gay DeasEdna NelsonLily HallThelma Thomson
1981-82Country +21Margaret NelsonElizabeth PatersonBetty SilveraZella Dolg
1982-83Town +10Elma McCullochIsabel WatsonCarolyn HamiltonMgt. McEwan
1983-84Town +7Elma McCullochSarah BellJanette CraigNina Gavin
1984-85Country +6Janie BuchananJessie LawrieElizabeth CampbellJessie Baillie
1985-86Country +11Grace PatersonBeryl HarleyLinda BayneBettySilvera
1986-87Country +15Elma McCullochSusie BallantyneLinda BayneJessie Baillie
1987-88Country +5Elma McCullochWilma BrownlieLiz BayneJessie Baillie
1988-89Country +8Elma McCullochLinda BayneJessie LawrieJeannie Marshall
1989-90Town +5Gay DeasMargaret NelsonMay CarrieChristine Robertson
1990-91Country +4Grace PatersonJean BlackwoodShireen Paterson
1991-92Town +2Edna NelsonJane BruceChristine RobertsonMargaret Nelson
1992-93Country +4Grace PatersonJanie BuchananTinky WelwoodLenore Kyle
1993-94Country +10Grace PatersonBeryl HarleyTinky WelwoodMary Wilson
1994-95Country +1Elma McCullochLinda BayneLenore KyleJessie Baillie
1995-96Country +6Grace PatersonMargaret NelsonLenore KyleLaurie McKerrow
1996-97Country +9Wilma BrownlieMargaret NelsonMary WilsonJane Bruce
1997-98Country +5Jane SmithJanie BuchananHester McCullochJane Bruce
1998-99Town +5Grace PatersonValerie AndersonNancy GibbSheila Wills
1999-00Town +10Edna NelsonJane BruceNancy GibbSheila Wills
2000-01Town +4Norma AndersonJane BruceLenore KyleSheila Wills
2001-02Norma AndersonSusie BallantyneNancy GibbSue Jones
2002-03Country + 7Elma McCullochMargaret NelsonSusie BallantyneBarbara King
2003-04Country +11Edna NelsonLaurie McKerrowSusie BallantyneBarbara King
2004-05Town +12Beryl HarleyLinda YoungDorothy Pollett
2005-06Town +12Jane SmithJane BruceNancy GibbSue Jones
2006-07Country +4Laurie McKerrowNancy GibbJanie BuchananMary Morgan
2007-08Country +17Liz GlennieAnn WhitelawSusie BallantyneMaggie Saunderson
2008-09Town +19Jane SmithHester NivenAllison PirieJean Robertson
2009-10Town +8Edna NelsonLinda BayneCaroline LiddleJoan Foster
2010-11Town +10Wilma BrownlieMargaret NelsonNancy GibbSusie Ballantyne
2011-12Country +16Wilma BrownlieLiz GlennieNancy GibbJoan Foster
2012-13Town +10Edna NelsonLinda BayneAllison PirieFiona Doig
2013-14Country +5Laurie McKerrowJean RobertsonLesley BrownJackie McQueen
2014-15Country +9Wilma BrownlieCaroline LiddleLenore KyleFiona Doig
2015-16Country +5Margaret NelsonAngela WilcoxFiona DoigLesley Johnston
2016-17Town +17Liz GlennieSue CameronSue CainVal Gaudin
2017-18Town +9Valerie InglisHester NivenJackie McQueenChristine Taylor